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The Mighty Ya-Ya
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Little Louis Band - "Footstompin' Ground!" Live CD + DVD

Porcupine Records (PORC 004) - 2008

     Total playing time: CD 73 mins, DVD 90 mins.
    The Little Louis Band - Live at Moulin Blues 2008: Icewater, John Henry, Evil Wicked Woman,
    The Revelator, Ride, The Devil's Hiding, Nowhere To Run, Parchman Farm, Burning Hell
    Little Louis - solo: Lay Me Low, Wade in the Water, Carnival, Saturday Night & the Sunday
    Morning Blues, Trouble No More, Modern Life Drag.

    The concert film DVD contains the same songs, plus:
    Can't Be Satisfied, Two Trains Runnin', Ain't No Water, Those Who Fell

    A couple of free Mp3's and movie clips are available at
    Myspace and the Video page.

You can purchase the album online through distributor Sonic Rendezvous.
Price: € 15,50 excl. shipping costs (credit card only).

The album is also available at these sites using the following payment options (Paypal, credit card or international bank transfer):

Little Louis - "Speak of the Devil"

Inbetweens Records (IRCD 039) - 2007
MP3 samples available

    Ain't No Water
    Sunday Morning Blues
    Nowhere to Run
    Land of the Free
    Monkey & Angel
    Those Who Fell
    The Devil's Hiding
    Private Hell
    A Man Alone
    The Ballad of Rice Smith Jones & Jack Dupree

You can buy "Speak of the Devil" online at:


The CD can be ordered online at (€ 15).

Louis - "A Close Watch"

CoraZong Records 255 076 - 2004

    MP3 samples:
    The Black Widow
    The Darkness
    I'll Be Gone
    Lay Me Low
    Sweet Lorraine
    Rain Falls Down
    Modern Life Drag

Louis! "A Close Watch" - € 14,95
CoraZong Records 2004 (255 076)
Order online through the CoraZong website: