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Little Louis- Live @ 013 Tilburg

The Mighty Ya-Ya - live @ Melkweg Amsterdam

The Mighty Ya-Ya

A new sound, a new name: "The Mighty Ya-Ya". Classic rock, mixed with universal danceable grooves, bombastic big-band fury and a hint of kitsch. All of this molded by the firm but gentle hand of Mother Blues, and ... whoop! .. there's the Mighty Ya-Ya's sound. The debut album will be released on february 27th on Porcupine Records. The CD launch party will be on March 11th at The Rambler, Eindhoven.
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Mercury's Rising by The Mighty Ya-Ya

Roots - a multimedia performance about the blues

"Roots" is a musical journey from the birth of the blues to modern pop and rockmusic. It's a performance that's suitable for schools, libraries and theatres. Little Louis sings, tells stories and shows unique archive footage to show the audience how the blues evolved into modern popmusic.